Analysing outstanding debt and repayment prospects, protecting interests in the instances of voluntary debt restructuring, and initiating bankruptcy cases in court. We will have your claims included in the creditors’ list and identify fictitious debt and transactions to be contested. Searching for debtor’s property inside and outside the Russian Federation, replacing debtor’s assets, countering inclusion in the list of third parties’ unfounded claims. In addition: having debtor’s controlling persons held vicariously liable, revealing the signs of premeditated and fraudulent bankruptcy, analysing the facts, and initiating criminal cases against debtors’ controlling persons


We will analyse your loan commitments and debt restructuring prospects, draw up a debt settlement plan, and represent you in a bankruptcy case or during contestation of transactions. We will protect the debtor and controlling persons against attempts of inclusion in the list of third parties’ unfounded claims, against attempts to hold them vicariously liable, and in case of an offence report at all criminal litigation stages




We represent clients at all dispute settlement stages by assisting with pre-action procedures, building the legal stance and litigation strategy, handling the case in court, and rendering support during execution of court orders. Our unique approach and many years of experience make it possible for us to succeed in court and shape legal precedents.


Often, reaching a compromise may prove more effective as compared to conflict settlement through legal proceedings. We will develop a negotiating strategy, represent you in negotiations, and find the best solution to settle the conflict.



Our specialists’ competency, their expertise in setting up operational and business processes make it possible for the company to provide clients with a full package of distressed assets management services intended to raise the value and commercial appeal of such assets and ultimately sell them

We will both preserve the property of an enterprise and orchestrate its operations, and we will carry out a general audit. If necessary, we will find a buyer for a distressed asset and manage / close the transaction



Our specialists will help you to handle both current issues at your enterprise and complex problems that require flexible thinking on top of an experienced lawyer’s professionalism. We will carry out due diligence and streamline your company’s business processes

As part of transaction structuring and support services: we will identify the risk factors, subject counterparties to due diligence, and in case of a corporate conflict, we will represent you and protect your business reputation

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